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Higher Education in Technology and Engineering from Germany

  • Whether you study science, technology, engineering or mathematics – DADB (German Academy of Digital Education) is creating online courses that follow the engineering tradition from Germany.
  • Our courses communicate the latest insights from German universities and present academic content in a modern and highly attractive way – allowing you impactful learning experiences.

Technology and Engineering from Germany

We specialise in the digitisation of academic content from the engineering sciences and technology.

Interactive and AR Apps

We create engaging learning experiences with interactive and Augmented Reality elements.

Bridges to industrial stakeholders

We bridge the gap between theory and practice by contributions from experts directly from the industry.

The Future of Education is Digital

We need to rethink education to allow the transfer of knowledge in the future.
DADB´s contribution to the international progress in academic teaching, exchange and interdisciplinarity is digital.
We unite the solution for both – students and academics.

Online courses for students around the globe

We produce innovative online courses for science and engineering subjects. Our “Made in Germany“ higher education format is aimed at universities worldwide.
We create high-quality video formats using modern media techniques that vividly illuminate and help convey the complexity of the lectures given by professors in Germany. In close cooperation with our content providers – academics in the German university system and players from the industry – we are creating a unique educational experience that is available nowhere else on the international education market. We bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Study online – when and where you want!

You are already studying at a university and would like to deepen your knowledge in a specific field of engineering? We offer academic courses from the German higher education system. With the expertise of German professors and interview partners from industry, we join the world-renowned engineering education system from Germany. With DADB's courses, you will gain in-depth and exclusive knowledge and improve your chances in the international job market.
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Broaden your horizon!

Do you want to think outside the box and get some extra credit points in addition to your academic education? At DADB you will find a wide range of courses that will also help you to study in an interdisciplinary way and to broaden your knowledge outside of your actual curriculum. Nowadays, employers are very interested in young students continuing their education. We want to give young people access to knowledge transfer, no matter what subject they come from or what university they are enrolled in.

Worldwide access to your lectures

Education has long been internationalising – we are helping to accelerate this process with our work towards transformative innovation, thereby promoting a more global interdisciplinarity.
Institutions and students in other countries should benefit from the knowledge of academics or the expertise of industry players in Germany.
With this, DADB enables knowledge exchange between Germany and many other regions.
By providing content of your academic content you increase opportunities for young engineers and students of technical fields worldwide.
Customer-centred Solutions

Advanced Production Quality

Over the last year we developed a unique workflow to produce and deliver high-quality courses for higher education. Check out down below what we are able to do!
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Would you like to make your lectures available internationally? Then become a content provider at DADB!

Make your lectures accessible!

Our experts from the field of science communication help you prepare your scientific content.
Your scripts are translated into English by our editorial team so that students worldwide can access your lectures.
We implement VR and AR elements into the digital learning experience and use gamified elements to improve engagement.
We produce our courses in our inhouse studio in Berlin in close consultation with you and your academic staff.

Together we

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We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel in your professional field.
Learn to use all the related tools, walk into a job and be a rockstar from day one.