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Higher Education
from Germany

Expert Interviews,
Use Cases

2D Info Graphics,
3D Models,
Virtual Reality

Virtual Environments

All our lecturers and professors are recorded in our studio against a green screen.
This allows us to place them in any virtual environment: a lecture theatre, a lab, a workplace environment, a showroom. Even outside on a building site or a solar plant – there are no limits. 
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in Engineering

We record our courses with professional speakers. The teaching units are reduced to the essentials: non-distracting backgrounds, presenter and info graphics.

Expert Interviews
and Use Cases

In addition to presenting the scientific content, we enhance our courses with expert interviews and use cases. Both formats offer a unique chance for the student to get engaged with the practical side of what has been taught in the learning segment of each module.
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AI-driven Presenters

We employ the latest in AI-technology by introducing virtual presenters alongside our real human professors, lecturers and presenters.

2D Graphics
and Animation

All study material is optimized to give one visual impression. We use the latest in 2d info and motion graphics to offer a modern and engaging learning experience. Here is an example of a Health & Safety unit for the skill training programme of SUNOTEC company.
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3D Models

Using 3D models we can enable students to get a hands on perspective of technical contexts. Additional web-based exercises offer a new level of engagement and interaction for our students.

Gaming Style Environments

In order to engage our students at the highest level, we use the latest in 3D-modelling and UnReal-based technologies to visualize our content. 
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Virtual Reality

Preparing our students for the Metaverse, we make specific lab situations available for viewing with VR-technologies.
This is not only a stunning visual experience, it offers possibilities to scale the use of technical skill training and generally practical work in lab environments. It is here where the power of digitalization becomes obvious. Hands on skill training at any time, at any place, and for a comparatively small budget.

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Education in engineering
is the key to qualitative growth.
Carsten S. Schröder
I am proud to give people new prospects for their future and thereby make the world a little better.
Torsten Herfert
Digital learning is a unique opportunity to bring higher education to the global south.
Christopher Hayes

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